Warranty coverage & Limitation of liability

New vehicle's warranty

The following chart illustrates the warrant coverage and limitation of liability by kilometers and by months. Under the basic coverage, the complete vehicle, except the tires and the items listed in "Items not covered by the warranty" is covered against defects in factory supplier materials and workmanship.

The basic coverage begins at the Warranty start date and lasts 36 months or 60,000km whichever comes first.

In addition, Ford Motor Company provides a warranty of 5 years or 100,000km on powetrain (Engine, transmission and drive line).

DescriptionMonth in serviceKilometers in service
New vehicle's warrantyNon U.S products are 3 years (36 months), U.S products are 5 years (60 months)100,000km
Powertrain5 years (60 months)100,000km
Parts (installed by LFC only)1 year (12 months)20,000km
Electric system1 year (12 months)20,000km
Accessories6 months10,000km

Warranty starting date

The warranty period begins on the date of delivery of your vehicle, or the date of first use, which is recorded on the back page of the Warranty book.

Items not covered by warranty

This warranty will not apply to: damages resulting from accident, fire, floods or other casually, failures due to misuse, racing, alteration - also, parts are not supplied by the manufacturer of the vehicle. - and/or overloading beyond the specified vehicle weight rating, deterioration of paint, bright metal or soft trim from user exposure.

Any vehicle on which the odometer has been altered so that the actual mileage can't be determined, and failure caused by not maintaining the vehicle of improper maintenance.

The local dealer assumes no responsibility for loss of use of the vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss or consequential damages.