Pricing Details

Prices are standard nationwide and include:

  • 3 years engine oil and filter change
  • Free Dashcam
  • Free Karcher products*
  • A coupon for lucky draw to win 2 Ford vehicles at the end of the year**

*Until stock lasts
**For any vehicle delivered before the 31st of December 2018

Prices are in LAK, based on an exchange rate of 8,500LAK = 1USD*.

*Note: Exchange rate can be submitted to changes at any time without any prior notice.

Ford MustangGT California 5.0L V8850,000,000 LAK
Ford TransitMinibus 15 seats 2.2L MT382,500,000 LAK
Ford RangerXL 2.2L MT 4x4321,300,000 LAK
XL:T 2.2L MT 4x4368,050,000 LAK
XLT 2.2L 4x4 AT376,550,000 LAK
Wildtrak 3.2L 4x4 AT MY2018521,050,000 LAK
Wildtrak 3.2L 4x4 AT MY2019N/A
Ford EverestTrend 2.2L AT 4x2 MY2018419,050,000 LAK
Titanium 2.2L AT 4x2 MY2018N/A
Ford ExplorerLimited 2.3L 4WD AT725,0500,000 LAK