Recommended retail price list for Ford and Ford-Motorcraft brake pad

ModelModel yearFront/Rear brake padFord brake pad recommended Retail price (incl. VAT)*
FiestaMY 2010 onwardsFront499,205 LAK
Rear611,320 LAK
EcoSportMY2014 onwardsFront1,171,725 LAK
Rear942,140 LAK
EverestMY2003-2014Front314,925 LAK
Rear796,110 LAK
EverestMY2015 onwardsFront924,460 LAK
Rear982,005 LAK
RangerMY2006-2011Front314,925 LAK
Rear796,025 LAK
RangerMY2015 onwardsFront884,170 LAK
Rear707,115 LAK

Ford Parts brake and friction products deliver the performance your customers experienced when they first drove off the showroom floor. Not only do they provide the best balance between braking performance and reduction of noise and vibration, they are built with the understanding that can only come from being the original equipment manufacturer. Best of all, every Ford Parts brake part comes with manufacturing warranty Motorcraft® brake and friction parts for Ford vehicles offer high value without compromising quality. Plus they come with manufacturing warranty. Genuine means best when it comes to Ford brake parts.

  • Restore new-vehicle-like, optimized performance and safety for specific vehicles.
  • Widest possible operating temperature range.
  • Free unlimited number of towing requests per year.
  • Engineered to Ford Motor Company specifications.

The quality is built into every Motorcraft® brake product.

  • Optimum balance of all safety and durability attributes to create the best product.
  • High-quality alternative to the aftermarket’s line of parts.
  • Proprietary friction formulations specific to each vehicle.


*Prices are in LAK, based on an exchange rate of 1USD = 8,500LAK. Prices can be submitted to change at any time without prior notice.