Repair Your Metabolism For Optimal Weight Loss

Repair Your Metabolism For optimal weight lossYou surely know many people trying their best in GYM but they are not losing weight. They are many people who came to me and complaining there are not able to lose weight even after following every kind of diet and workout plan. It is very unfortunate but I found most of these people are having sluggish and dying metabolism.

Now listen this carefully because this is very important step you should consider.

Before losing weight it is important for you to have metabolism working with full efficiency. No, you don’t need to increase your metabolism efficiency instead you just need to bring it at normal state. If your metabolism is not working with full efficiency then it will become difficult for you to lose weight doesn’t matter what food you will eat or how many hours you waste in gym.

Checking Your Metabolic Rate is First and Important Step For Weight Loss

You may be wondering how to check if metabolism is working with full efficiency or not?


Here are steps you have to follow to check if your metabolism is working normally or it is slowed down.

Steps to Measure Your Metabolism Efficiency:

  1. Take thermometer and measure your body temperature in the late afternoon or in early evening and write it down
  2. Repeat the first step for next four days but don’t take your body temperature in morning
  3. Take out the average of four readings
  4. If your body temperature reading is somewhere 98.6 then it means your metabolism is working normally and you can start weight loss diet such as leptitox diet review.
  5. If your body temperature reading is around 97 to 98 then it means your metabolism has lost his efficiency by 10-20%. You may start any weight loss diet but you will get slow results. I would suggest you to improve your metabolism first
  6. If your body temperature reading is below 97 then it means your metabolism is very slow and it is not suitable for weight loss. This means your metabolism has lost his 30 to 50% efficiency. This is major problem and you should take proper steps to repair your metabolism.

Never start any weight loss diet until and unless your body temperature comes around 98 degree. Nothing positive will come. First fix your metabolism then start weight loss diet.

How to Fix Your Metabolism:

If you found your body temperature is less than 98 degree then you will find my 3 steps formula below that will fix your metabolism and bring your body temperature at normal level in just 14 days:

3-Step Formula to Fix Metabolism In Just 14 Days:

Step-1 – Give Up All Kind of Sugar and Carbs: (Duration: 5 Days)

The first step for repairing your broken or sluggish metabolism is giving up all kind of sugar and refined grain such as bread, rice, pasta and basically every refined grain. Although whole grain such as oatmeal is healthy for your body but to keep insulin hormone level low you must avoid all kind of grain including whole grain as well.

You also have to give up every kind of processed, canned, fried and frozen foods that means no pizza, cake, cookies and any kind of junk foods. Make sure to get your carbohydrate requirement from vegetables and some fruits. Vegetables are full of nutrients that your body needs and this allow some time for metabolism to repair itself. Your metabolism will repair itself but you should avoid overloading it with junk foods and refine carbs that boost up insulin hormone level.

You should avoid fruits that are high in sugar (fructose) such as apples, mangoes, pears, watermelon and cherries. You can’t go wrong with vegetables but including cruciferous vegetables such as Kale, cabbage, cauliflower and bok choy will provide energy and stop body from storing fat. These cruciferous vegetables will provide you anti-ageing, anti-cancerous and anti-oxidant properties and also help in repair your metabolism at the same time.

Step-2 – Release Fat Stores: (Duration: 5 Days)

In the second step you have to adopt diet that will help your body to release fat. This is important step because you may not know but you can control your body functions with the help of certain foods.

In this step you have to eat lots of protein food. Yes, you can start eating your favorite juicy steak, delicious salmon and roasted chicken/turkey. You have to eat protein by avoiding grains either it is refined or whole.

Now you have to balance pH blood level in your body by introducing alkaline foods. For those who don’t know vegetables are known as best source of alkaline foods. Green leafy vegetables balance acidity level and convert proteins into amino acid that will help in building muscle blocks. This means that your body will continue burning fat for energy while you are eating fish and meat. The combo of protein and alkaline vegetables will release fat into the bloodstream which create proper environment for fat burning.

Step 3 – Burn That Fat: (Duration: 4 days)

Once you will reach in this step fat is already released and body starts burning fat for energy. Your body will use this additional energy in repairing your metabolism.

You have to continue using the combo of proteins and alkaline vegetables in this phrase. Additionally, you have to include healthy fats such as coconut, olive oil, seeds and raw nuts into your diet. These healthy fats contain inositolcholine and cofactors that regulate fat and stop fats from getting blocked in liver.

Once you goes through all these three steps your metabolism will be running will full efficiency. You will no longer will hungry and your hormone will be in balance mode. This is best environment for your body to burn fat from most trouble spots and with the help of proper and real foods you can get rid of belly fat.

So, from now onwards never start any weight loss plan without testing your metabolism. If your metabolism is running with full efficiency, no one can stop you from losing weight in just 3 weeks and obtaining body that you always want to have.

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