Keys to Manifestation: Manifesting an Amazing and Abundant Life

This website can help you fix challenges or problems that you may be facing right now.

Do any of the following apply? (Problems!)

-Money and/or your business is not working in your life.
-You get caught up in external dramas that suck your energy!
-You are not happy with my life and desire more fun, abundance and freedom.
-The Law of Attraction appears not to work at all or works negatively.
-You do not know what you want or how to bring your vision into reality.


-This website provides inspirational blogs that provide simple pointers for starting to change one’s life for the better.

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Understanding the Law of Attraction will enable you to create the life that YOU want that is in alignment with your highest vision and potential. The Law of Attraction is a set of understandings with regard to how reality becomes manifest. There is not one secret or mantra that will magically give you everything you want at the drop of a hat. It can be reduced into the simple concept of ‘like attracts like’ – but there is no single thing that you can do to manifest anything.

To become aligned to what you want to manifest will involve many processes or stages of getting aligned. Thus understanding the Law of Attraction in full is a life-work, a journey – once you are almost finished with the life-work of understanding it – you can then attain a state of Life Mastery. Of course the journey never really ends – but instead continues on a higher level. But for an ease of understanding – it can be helpful to understand that having the ability to create your reality is the end reward of doing the bulk of your personal clearing.

The more clear you become in yourself – the easier it is to get aligned to consciously creating your reality. The closer you are to attaining this state – the more amazing your life will become as you start to live from an integrated, harmonious and conscious state.

This is good karma at work. By clearing away the negative – the positive has a space to become manifest. There is no set blueprint for an amazing life – for each person has the freedom to create their own unique Ultra manifestation of living.

However, there will be common themes that will appear as a result of applying the wisdom of the Law of Attraction into your own life. You will be healthier and happier, you will have more clarity and purpose, you will enjoy your life, there will be more money, your relationships will be loving and life-affirming and the Universe will support you unconditionally (as you remove your resistances to it).

Happy relationships

Free of fear, resistance, doubt, confusion, negativity and troublesome patterns – the canvas of your own life will be free for you to paint onto it whatever you wish.

Let the tapestry be a unique and colourful one – an expression of who you are.

Embrace the adventure, lighten up, have fun and allow yourself to receive the many blessings of the Universe…

Writing this as a Spiritual Master as well as Life Mastery Coach, I can share that success in the Law of Attraction requires a fundamental understanding of energy management as well as some understanding of Spiritual Reality. To create anything – you need sufficient energy (vibration) in order to attract it. Thus the foundation of any useful Law of Attraction teaching must be a set of instructions for enhancing one’s own energy and extracting oneself from all situations that consume energy.  This is my speciality.

Those that want to work deeper with the material will find the full book, the audios, self study Courses and the tailor-made Coaching Programs invaluable resources for enhancing their lives on all levels. Click Here To Get Ultra Manifestation Guide

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